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    31) Do you sell finished colloids?
    we process

    30) What do you recommend concentrating?
    For each production technology / COLLOID / SPECIAL / NANO / the machine automatically sets the recommended optimal concentration before each production.
    If the user wants to make the concentration different - it can easily be changed by pressing the control button. Informative dosing is displayed after clicking on the desired metal: SILVER / GOLD

    29) When I produce a higher concentration than you recommend - will it be more efficient?
    Higher concentration (than recommended by us) in most cases does not mean that a larger amount of active substance (silver / gold product) has been delivered to the desired site in the body.

    With the increasing or even decreasing concentration, the electrochemical structure of the manufactured product changes and he no longer has the optimal efficacy for a particular health problem.
    Therefore, if we require a larger amount of active substance in the body, we increase the amount (volume), not the concentration (ppm).

    28) I have read that somewhere they recommend a concentration of at least 40 ppm
    we process

    27) Why single-dose colloids of the same concentration can not be cast into one
           bigger glasses?

    By dilution or mixing, important electrochemical linkages between the particles and the water molecules that are produced during production are disrupted and the product produced unnecessarily loses stability and efficiency.

    26) Can your collider also control a technical anti-tat?
    The device is easy to operate with two buttons.
    One button can be changed as required by the production technology:
                    / COLLOID - colloid / SPECIAL - special / NANO - nanoparticles /
    Use the second button to select the desired concentration (ppm).

    The production and its termination are automatic (light and sound signaling).
    During production, a color LED lights up to indicate the product you are currently making.
    The display shows the current concentration (ppm) for the entire production time.

    After first use, further handling of the device becomes a routine matter. The preparation itself does not last for 5 minutes.

    25) How many colloids the device produces at one time?
    With silver, a volume of 150 ml is produced in 100 ml gold.
    This amount at the recommended dosage will provide simultaneous treatment for up to 5 people at the same time.

    24) At what temperature can the device work?
    18-30 ° C. Perform the production in the room where it is the hottest.
    The product of ideal quality is produced at 20-30 ° C.

    23) What about colloids means the abbreviation ppm?
    ppm (parts per million) are units in which the volume of two substances, one of which is represented in relation to the other in microscopic quantities (one millionth of a unit), is expertly compared.
    In the case of colloidal silver (gold) ppm shows the concentration - the amount of fine metal particles we have left to release water (higher ppm = larger number of water-containing particles).

    22) Can I measure the ppm of the produced colloid myself?
    Concentration (ppm) evaluates the Silver MEDIC® instrument meter during production.
    The currently achieved concentration displays the multipurpose display throughout the production.

    21) What if production ends when I'm not home or sleeping?
    The lamp flashes when the production is finished, and the intermittent tone sounds. In order to avoid disturbing your sound, it can be turned off simply at the start of production.
    Once production is complete, Silver MEDIC® automatically switches the program from production to retention mode.
    Thus, the electrodes remain very low, which keeps the colloid stable until you remove the electrode device (you will come home). In retention mode, colloid may remain unchanged for up to 5 hours.
    Ideal is to start production so that the end of production comes out for about the time you are at home.

    20) Can production be accelerated?
    If the instrument is operating at a recommended temperature of 20-30 ° C (minimum 18 ° C), the production conditions are optimal.

    19) Do I have a colloid mix during production?
    NO. The control electronics controls and controls the movement of particles inside the container itself.
    The device is constantly mixing with the electric field within the container.

    18) Should I have a colloid filter if it is clean?
    NO. Filtering papers are only available for emergency situations where the prescribed production conditions (temperature, water purity) can not be observed, and traces of sediment can then be found in the product.

    17) Will the colloidal silver be filtered off in the paper through which the colloid has filtered?
    NO. The silver particles are so small that they can not catch even the finest paper filter.

    16) Do I miss the spray nozzle with silver particles?
    NO. Silver particles are really small enough to pass through any sprayer's nozzle completely smoothly. Since the water used to produce the colloid is ideally clean, it does not even occur
    for spraying the sprayer with mineral substances (waterstone).

    15) Why is colloidal and nanoparticle silver sensitive to light?
    The layered "light" actually contains many types of radiation at different wavelengths.
    Such radiation penetrates into the manufactured product and interferes with its intrinsic stability.
    Therefore, colloidal and nanoparticle silver is always protected from light by appropriate dark envelopes or by placing in a dark place.
    However, this applies only to silver products. Gold is not degradation due to sunlight.

    14) Why do you have all glass tools in your offer?
    Plastics do not have solid (closed) surfaces, so silver particles can easily be trapped in them. Another problem is the electrostatic properties of most plastics.
    The particles captured on the plastic surface are rapidly oxidized and are then washed in the new product on subsequent use. Oxidation-affected surfaces are visibly blackened.
    The problem is with plastics in general because they are virtually dissolved from the moment they are made. And it's the action - light, water, acidity of the environment and time.
    Glass has no significant disadvantages and is totally neutral both electrically and chemically to silver and gold. (Not mutually unresponsive.)

    13) How are the electrodes fixed to the device?
    The precious metal electrodes are attached to the device with self-locking sockets into which the electrodes are inserted with only a small finger pressure. This way the electrodes are securely mechanically anchored.

    12) Do the electrodes have to be washed after each use?
    Yes. Remove the electrodes from the device and finish thoroughly washing them under running water with soap and sponge. Wipe the container and the electrodes with a clean cloth.
    Correctly cleaned electrodes are glossy over their entire length and should not be able to see where the water level was produced.
    Thorough washing of the electrodes is essential for proper operation of the entire device and the quality of the product.
    After washing, do not touch the inner surface of the glass vial or the electrodes with a "bare" hand, use dry cloth or disposable wipes to handle.

    11) What are the precious metal electrodes (silver / gold) and how long can they last?
    For the therapeutic purposes, precious metal particles are used, which are released into the water during production. These therapeutic particles are obtained from two electrodes that are inserted into the device before production.
    Approximately after 100 production cycles, you can notice a barely noticeable change in the thickness of the electrodes. The electrodes are thinned at the point of immersion ("dissolving").

    The new electrodes have a diameter of 2 mm and can usually last more than five hundred production cycles.
    The appropriate time for their replacement occurs at a time when their diameter (thickness) drops to 1 mm. Such a situation will only occur for a very long time.
    Whenever it is, of course, possible to purchase the electrodes separately.

    10) What happens if I misspell the electrodes wrong by mistake?
    The device will start a steady, uninterrupted tone within 10 minutes, and production stops.
    The device is short-circuit proof and will not be damaged.

    9) Will I not get an electric shock when touching the electrodes?
    No. The device itself is powered by a very low and safe voltage of 12 volts.
    Voltage on the electrodes increases electronically inside the device but never exceeds 40 V. The device never allows a higher output current than mA (milliampeter) units.

    8) What if I cut the silver electrodes with some metal object?
    The device will detect the short circuit on the electrodes and will reduce the voltage in a fraction of a second to avoid damaging the instrument. After the short circuit is removed, the unit normally operates.

    7) Is it possible to use the device abroad?
    The supplied power adapter can be connected to 110 V to 240 V sockets.
    The power adapter is so usable in Europe, Asia and the USA.

    6) Can colloids be produced in places where no electrical socket is available?
    Yes. The device is thus deliberately designed not only by its high mechanical resistance but also by the power supply system.
    The device can be powered from any 12 Volt DC power source (car batteries, batteries, solar panels, etc.). The power consumption of the device is very low, typically around 0.5 Watt.
    The device is resistant to the connection of unlawfully low or higher voltages.

    5) Does the device require any maintenance?
    The device does not require any maintenance. Keep dry. The lifetime of SILVER MEDIC® is not limited in time or mechanically.

    4) How colloidal silver and gold tastes?
    The silver product tastes easily in the mouth with bitter metal.
    The product gold has an indefinite to slightly sweet taste.

    3) How long after storage, I know that colloid is still usable?
    It is ideal to keep our recommended storage times (within 21 days of manufacture). The manufactured product can be used after this time, but its effectiveness is already decreasing.
    Never use a product that is cloudy or has a greyish color.

    2) Can I overdose with colloidal silver?
    If you take a colloid made with SILVER MEDIC® and observe the basic rules, you do not have to worry about overdose.

    1) Can silver chloride be produced during production?
    No. Dangerous compounds - such as chill


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